Disabled Access

If you have any special needs please let our staff know so that we can help and ensure you get the same support in the future.

Wheelchair access

The Surgery has been specially designed to make it easier for disabled patients to visit with wheelchair ramps at both sites. Front doors at both surgeries are set on automatic opening or can be opened by press of the button.

Clinical rooms are located on the ground floor and both surgeries have wheelchair accessible toilets.

Due to fire regulations, we do have heavy fire doors, however if you have trouble opening these please ask Reception for assistance as they are always happy to help.

Loop System

We have a loop induction system at the reception desk to assist the hearing impaired. In order to use it your hearing aid should be in T-position. Our practice has an online facility for an easy access to Sign language help.

Blind/Partially Sighted

If you or family members are blind or partially sighted we can give you a CD or large print of our practice leaflet upon request. Please ask Reception for further information.

Guide Dogs

Guide dogs are welcome at the surgery but we ask that you be aware of other patients and staff who may have an allergy or fear of dogs.